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Bombas Ideal
Fire Fighting Packages

Foc NFPA20 Requirements Set

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As a fire-extinguishing agent, water acts by cooling the source of combustion, and can be applied by various methods to ob tain the greatest degree of heat removal. Systems such as sprinklers, water curtains, hydration columns, fire hydrants, etc. all require a water supply permanently available from a pressurized network.

In the event of a fire, either the opening of a fire hydrant or the automatic initiation of a fixed sprinklers installation usually initiates the demand for water. The sudden fall in pressure in the fire system rising main causes the main pumps to automatically start and provide the required flow of water to the points of application. Most systems have a small, electrically driven auxiliary or jockey pump, which automatically maintains the pressurization of the fire fighting system and compensates for small leakages in the system. The auxiliary or jockey pump operates automatically under pressure switch control.

The main pumps are designed to provide the supply of pressurized water to the Fire Fighting System; these can be initiated either manually or automatically as required. A sudden drop in pressure causes the automatic starting of the main pumps to supply water to the fire system rising main. The main fire pumps may only be stopped manually.

The types of pump used for this application are mainly:
1. Horizontal end suction pump with a radial discharge.
2. Horizontal axially split case pumps.
3. Vertical, wet well pumps-shaft driven with conventional motors.

By manufacturing a wide range of pumps, BOMBAS IDEAL is able to impartially recommend the most appropriate design of pumping equipment for a given application. For example, we would typically recommend horizontally mounted pumps for installations, which have a positive suction head, and when a suction lift is required (i.e. when the source of the water supply is located below pumping equipment), we would suggest vertical wet well pumps IDEAL FIRE-FIGHTING EQUIPMENT is manufactured according to the requirements of UNE-23 500-90, CEPREVEN RT, 2ABA standards. Optionally, the equipment can be built to comply with other Standards such as NFPA-20, etc. The equipment is manufactured under a Quality System certified by Bureau Veritas Quality Imitational (BVQI) to meet the requirements of.