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EST Group

Grip Tight Isolation Plugs

EST Group's GripTight Isolation Plug allows you to positively isolate and monitor potentially explosive vapors during "hot work", then effectively hydrotest the new weld connection with one easy to use tool.

The GripTight Isolation Plug integrates all the features of EST's Double Block and Bleed Test Plug with GripTight gripping technology. The GripTight Grippers enhance operational safety, minimizing the risk of accidental plug blowout or failure due to improper use or unexpected upstream pressure in the line.

The GripTight Isolation Plug is capable of withstanding upstream pressures up to 1440 PsiG (100 BarG). If the upstream pressure increases, then the GripTight Grippers actually use the pressure to increase their grip on the pipe.


Product Features

  • Lightweight, aluminum and steel construction improves portability
  • Test pressures to 2250 PsiG (155 BarG) between the seals
  • Upstream pressure up to 1440 PsiG (100 BarG)
  • Available for NPS ranging from 3/4" to 24" (DN20 - DN600)
  • Pressure tests performed with less than a gallon of water
  • Sizes from ¾" to 24" NPS, suitable for 150-600 LB Class ANSI flanges. Larger sizes and alternative materials available.