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Hydro Static Test EST Group

Lifecycle products

EST Group specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of highly
engineered products and repair services for shell & tube heat exchangers,
condensers, coolers and chillers.

EST Group's best known product, the Pop-A-Plug®, is the industry's leading technology for sealing leaking heat exchanger tubes.   EST Group also engineers and manufactures pipe plugs and pressure testing tools to greatly simplify and speed-up pressure testing of piping, tubing, pipe & tube systems, pressure vessels and a multitude of special applications.

EST Group Services provides a comprehensive range of onsite services for heat exchanger troubleshooting and repair as well as turnkey pressure testing services.

EST Group A global manufacturer and designer of pipe and tube pressure testing and plugging equipment they have specialized in developing products that greatly simplifies the maintenance of shell and tube heat exchangers and reduces in-service inspection time of pipe, pipelines, piping systems and pressure vessels.